I'm friendly.
And by friendly, I mean I don't eat people.


If I sleep 5 days in a row, can I be awake for 5 days straight afterwards?

When life tries to take you apart, stay strong because it’s not taking you apart. Life can never take you apart. It’s only trying to make you see that the best for you has yet to come.

You changed your URL? What?!

I mean, oh, okay. Happy for you.


You must be wondering why I write to you here. It’s because this was how I got my message across through pre-written letters posted online to you when I was going through my BMT period. I don’t know how to do this anymore. I cannot commit myself to anyone else.

I hope I could blame you. I can only wish there was someone to blame, I really do, but I cannot and I never will be able to put the blame on you; or anyone else for that matter.

As crazy as this might sound if you read this, I still have feelings for you.

It’s a promise I made to you that I cannot break. It’s not as if I’ve never tried. It’s just so difficult when all I have in my mind is you.

All I find myself doing is keep watching our old videos. Those fond memories of what we were. Something that I can only hope would come back.

I may not know the person that you are now and you might not know me anymore but I’d take the time to know you and appreciate you if given the chance. If given the chance, I’d do it all over again and try to make it work.

I’ll do my best to put away what might seem to be my flaws to you and be that perfect person for you. Anything for you. Anytime, anything. That was the code, wasn’t it?

Because I still love you and letting go of you was my biggest mistake to date.

I understand that forever is a long time but…

I’m forever yours,

I’m gonna PIKACHU while you are changing…

I was bored so I took a picture with Hayley.

I was bored so I took a picture with Hayley.

BRB, need to answer these…

And oh yeah, happy fuckin’ new year! :D

Drunk. Me & Mardy.

Drunk. Me & Mardy.

Maddie & Neaky from England.

Met this two lovelies at a pub on Tuesday.

Maddie & Neaky from England.

Met this two lovelies at a pub on Tuesday.

A phase in life

This was your Barney:

This is your Barney:

We Tumblrians need a life.But we have one.IT’S CALLED TUMBLR LIFE!

We Tumblrians need a life.
But we have one.